The French government intends to raise the price of cigarette makers to deal with the price reduction


From January 2, 2018 onwards, the French every pack of camels (Camel) cigarette will be priced from 7.20 euros (about 56 yuan) to 7 euros, Winston (Winston) will be dropped from 7 euros to 6.80 euros. British American Tobacco Group (BAT) public relations manager Eric? Mino thuet pointed out that the sensi? “ this is a normal change in the market.

Reported that since November 2017, the French government decided to raise taxes on tobacco, cigarette manufacturers began to respond. In France, the price of cigarettes is made by manufacturing, but the government can intervene on tax to increase the price of cigarettes.

The French government has been increasing the price of cigarettes in recent years, and plans to raise the price of 20 cigarettes per package to 10 euros by November 2022. The next price rise is in March 2018, with a price of 1.10 euros per pack of cigarettes.

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