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Two Tubes High-end Luxury Electric Cigarette Injector Rolling Machines

The engine of the appliance itself runs on a voltage of 24V.
Points to note
· Insert the plug into the socket
· Only use if the transparent part has been attached
· After each use, always clean the appliance thoroughly with the supplied brush. Never use water on the electric part!
· Regularly remove the transparent part for cleaning if there is tobacco inside!
· If you use too much tobacco the appliance will become stuck. If this happens, let go of the knob and the appliance will return to its start position. Then, you will be able to clean out the appliance and push out any excess tobacco with the supplied stick. Then you will simply be able to start again.
Instructions for use!
The sliding part should be click


SKU: DH-69


Technical specifications
The appliance with a European plug runs on a mains voltage of 240V AC-current. The appliance with an American plug runs on 110V AC-current.
ed firmly into place in the main part.
1 Open the lid by lifting the tab
2 Pull the cover over the white cigarette papers until you reach the end
3 Insert the tobacco in the same way as with manual appliances. Always use the ramming accessory for this. Put suitable amount of tobacco into the container; after ramming the tobacco tightly, the surface of the tobacco must flat(no projecting part) and also should alignment with the two lines beside the container.
4 Close the lid again, all the while ensuring that all 3 pins are clicked firmly into place
5 Push down the knob located at the back of the appliance until the full movement has been completed
6 Release the knob once again. This should bring everything back to the start position
7 Open the lid before removing the filled covers





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