Japan’s attitude to heating products is not clear


According to the tobacco business law, the heating and non burning products belong to the same category as flammable cigarettes, so they are included in the original draft of health promotion law issued by the Ministry of health, labor and welfare (MHLW) in March.

The Ministry of Health said that if the science proved that the steam smoke was harmless, it would consider the exclusion of the heating products from the scope of supervision.

In view of this, in the revised draft of health promotion act submitted to parliament next year, it will probably be treated like flammable cigarettes.

At the same time, Tokyo is setting up its own regulations on tobacco related products, and the draft issued in September clearly stipulates that the heating products will be regulated.

However, a total of 17000 public opinions on the ordinance were received, and about 2000 requirements were excluded from the regulation of heating and non burning products. A government official in Tokyo later expressed a more moderate stance. The official said, “ we have not yet decided whether to exclude restrictions on the product.

Philip Morris International company said, compared with the iQOS device of combustible cigarette, an average reduction of about 90% of the toxic substances.

The tobacco companies in Japan says that the steam of the heating device does not affect the indoor environment, so it should not be compared with the combustible cigarettes.

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