Japan will strengthen passive smoking caused by the management of heated electronic smoke


MHLW think after 3 years before the Tokyo Olympics, it is necessary to strengthen the management of passive smoking, is studying the introduction of new science with the punishment measures of tube regulations. Among them, do not use for combustion, electronic cigarettes contain nicotine inhalation of heating steam, the province can not be denied that its influence on human health, and will consider the same as the control object of cigarettes.

The province will consider the prohibition of the use of electronic cigarettes in hospitals, schools and other facilities, and prohibit the use of restaurants in principle, but the establishments in smoking areas do not act as objects of regulation. Due to the effect of heating type electronic smoke on human health, the data are not sufficient at present, and will be re evaluated when sufficient data are collected in the future.

In the future, at the same time the labour ministry will make an agreement with the Liberal Democratic Party to develop new measures to prevent passive smoking, if earlier, will be submitted to Congress next year on health in general promotion law amendment.

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