Forbes magazine: heating no burning tobacco: a new wave of damage to the revolution


    this technological reform and industry development have created a win-win situation for enterprises and smokers. The role of HnB in reducing tobacco related hazards is not only reflected in the theoretical level of technology, but also has commercial cases. For example, Philip of the Moelis Company is not heating combustion products iQOS with its easy to use, no ash and smoke, and fully simulated the feeling of smoking and other characteristics, is currently in Japan, Portugal, Italy, Romania and Russia are greatly welcomed by consumers. Since the second quarter of 2016, iQOS has gained 12% market share after its launch in Japan. Bonnie Herzog, an analyst at Wells Fargo, is optimistic about the prospects of the non burning (HnB) products: “ it is estimated that by 2025, the iQOS of Philip Moelis Company will replace 30% of the traditional cigarette business in the developed market.

    in fact, from the last century since 80s, the heating is not burning (HnB) concept has been in development, but only in recent years successfully commercialized, innovation and competition to stimulate a new generation of heat without burning (HnB) products, and these products have been changed in the tobacco industry pattern.

    however, the non burning products have not been able to spread throughout the world, and the pace of progress in each market is different, for example, the American smokers are still waiting. The new non combustion products must be put into the market through the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for tobacco products. Whether American smokers can reduce the risk of smoking by heating non – burning products depends on whether FDA can approve the listing of such products.

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