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The Korean government will raise the tax rate of new tobacco products

    analysts believe that the adjustment of the tax rate for new tobacco products will have some impact on Philip &middot, such as the products of such products, such as the &emsp &middot, the tobacco international company and the Anglo-American Tobacco Corp.

    after the implementation of the new tax rate, the heating prices of the two transnational tobacco companies in the Korean tobacco market will increase from 4300 yuan to 3.78 won to 5000 won. At present, in the Korean market, the retail price of most combustible cigarettes is 4500 won in the market, of which 3223 won is tax. In this way, after the new tax rate adjustment, the retail price of the new tobacco products that was lower than the ordinary combustible cigarettes products was lower than that of the ordinary cigarette products.

Japan’s attitude to heating products is not clear

According to the tobacco business law, the heating and non burning products belong to the same category as flammable cigarettes, so they are included in the original draft of health promotion law issued by the Ministry of health, labor and welfare (MHLW) in March.

The Ministry of Health said that if the science proved that the steam smoke was harmless, it would consider the exclusion of the heating products from the scope of supervision.

In view of this, in the revised draft of health promotion act submitted to parliament next year, it will probably be treated like flammable cigarettes.

At the same time, Tokyo is setting up its own regulations on tobacco related products, and the draft issued in September clearly stipulates that the heating products will be regulated.

However, a total of 17000 public opinions on the ordinance were received, and about 2000 requirements were excluded from the regulation of heating and non burning products. A government official in Tokyo later expressed a more moderate stance. The official said, “ we have not yet decided whether to exclude restrictions on the product.

Philip Morris International company said, compared with the iQOS device of combustible cigarette, an average reduction of about 90% of the toxic substances.

The tobacco companies in Japan says that the steam of the heating device does not affect the indoor environment, so it should not be compared with the combustible cigarettes.

The French government intends to raise the price of cigarette makers to deal with the price reduction

From January 2, 2018 onwards, the French every pack of camels (Camel) cigarette will be priced from 7.20 euros (about 56 yuan) to 7 euros, Winston (Winston) will be dropped from 7 euros to 6.80 euros. British American Tobacco Group (BAT) public relations manager Eric? Mino thuet pointed out that the sensi? “ this is a normal change in the market.

Reported that since November 2017, the French government decided to raise taxes on tobacco, cigarette manufacturers began to respond. In France, the price of cigarettes is made by manufacturing, but the government can intervene on tax to increase the price of cigarettes.

The French government has been increasing the price of cigarettes in recent years, and plans to raise the price of 20 cigarettes per package to 10 euros by November 2022. The next price rise is in March 2018, with a price of 1.10 euros per pack of cigarettes.

The smoking rate has increased in Mexico in the past 5 years

The 2016-2017 year national survey on drug, alcohol and tobacco consumption showed that the rate of smoking between 12 and 65 years rose from 17% in 2011 to 17.6% in 2016. At the same time, the average number of smokers increased from 6.5 to 7.3 per day.

Although the law prohibiting smoking in public places, such as restaurants, bars and workplace, has come into effect in 2008, the effectiveness of the investigation is questioned.

The survey found that non smokers were exposed to the risk of passive smoking in public places such as bars, restaurants, public transport, schools and workplaces.

At the same time, it was alleged that the law designed to prevent the sale of single cigarettes 25 years ago was widely ridiculed, but it made the smoking more feasible economically. 50% of the smokers surveyed said they bought a single cigarette from the supplier, and the price of each cigarette is usually about 5 pesos ($0.26).

Philippines Health Organization invites smokers to attend a Christmas party

Emer Rojas, chairman of the newly established Vois Association in Philippines, said their team hoped smokers could make their family members and friends enjoy the Christmas season and not worry and worry about smoking.

“ don’t smoke when attending so many Christmas parties in the next few days, Rojas stressed.

Anti smoking advocates also say it would be a good thing if smokers make new year’s decisions to stop smoking.

Rojas added: “ the traditional New Year’s wish is a good time for those who have always wanted to quit. I hope the new year’s wish will come true.

Australian media: the harmful effects of mistaken cigarettes on young Australian smokers

    it is reported that the joint research conducted by the Australian Weishi provincial cancer prevention association and &ldquo and Victoria Quit Victoria shows that cigarette smoking has increased dramatically in recent years, especially for young people.

&emsp,   “ Victoria Smoking And Health Survey visited 4000 adult smokers, and 43% of them were 18 to 29 years old. Of the young smokers, nearly half of the people smoked cigarettes.

    the survey also found that smokers who were close to half of the age between 18 and 29 believed that cigarette smoking was less harmful.

    “ Wade, chief of smoking cessation director of Victoria Province (Sarah White), said that cigarettes were more than “ organic or safer beliefs were not right at all, because cigarette smoking and tobacco made by tobacco companies were harmful to human body.

    Wade said nearly half of the cigarette smoked people believe that smoking cigarettes is less harmful than traditional cigarettes, which is enough to be on the alert. Cigarette smoking people assume that cigarette tobacco is more natural and contains no addictive substance, but it is far from the fact.

    she warned that the tobacco companies is not only the same with the traditional cigarettes, smokers addicted material on the cigarette, and even add more.

    Wade said, smoking any tobacco will breathe nicotine, smoke (coke) oil and thousands of other diseases that can cause diseases, and directly enter the lungs and blood system of the inhaler, which will bring harm to the health of the smokers.

&emsp,   Jerril Rechter, chief executive of Victoria health department, said that tobacco merchants smartly dressed cigarettes as more traditional cigarettes, more natural or organic, making them more attractive to young smokers and convinced them to smoke cigarettes more healthily.

Forbes magazine: heating no burning tobacco: a new wave of damage to the revolution

    this technological reform and industry development have created a win-win situation for enterprises and smokers. The role of HnB in reducing tobacco related hazards is not only reflected in the theoretical level of technology, but also has commercial cases. For example, Philip of the Moelis Company is not heating combustion products iQOS with its easy to use, no ash and smoke, and fully simulated the feeling of smoking and other characteristics, is currently in Japan, Portugal, Italy, Romania and Russia are greatly welcomed by consumers. Since the second quarter of 2016, iQOS has gained 12% market share after its launch in Japan. Bonnie Herzog, an analyst at Wells Fargo, is optimistic about the prospects of the non burning (HnB) products: “ it is estimated that by 2025, the iQOS of Philip Moelis Company will replace 30% of the traditional cigarette business in the developed market.

    in fact, from the last century since 80s, the heating is not burning (HnB) concept has been in development, but only in recent years successfully commercialized, innovation and competition to stimulate a new generation of heat without burning (HnB) products, and these products have been changed in the tobacco industry pattern.

    however, the non burning products have not been able to spread throughout the world, and the pace of progress in each market is different, for example, the American smokers are still waiting. The new non combustion products must be put into the market through the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for tobacco products. Whether American smokers can reduce the risk of smoking by heating non – burning products depends on whether FDA can approve the listing of such products.

The socialist party and Democratic Party of the European Parliament called for the adoption of a tobacco tracking system

Gilles Pargneaux MEP S & D spokesman said: in order to solve the problem of “ we have no time to waste. Nearly 10% of the global cigarette trade is illegal. This poses a serious risk to public health, as availability and affordability are increasing. In addition, the annual tax evasion of the illegal tobacco trade in Europe is estimated to be 10 billion euros.

Tobacco is one of the most smuggled goods in the world. The profits brought by illegal tobacco trade has encouraged terrorism and international and local crime, including money laundering.

“ Europe will introduce the first regional system for tracking tobacco products and set an example for other countries. Countries like Turkey and Kenya have adopted similar systems and have achieved good results. The EU’s credibility is in jeopardy: we must provide and implement an effective system to combat illegal trade and protect public health, Pargneaux said.

Asian tobacco production reduction seminar held in Indonesia

    at this meeting, the Indonesia public health observation foundation for Achmad Syawqie Mr. Yazid in his speech pointed out that although the public health department of Asian governments have made efforts in the region against smoking prevalence, but the smoking rate decline is not obvious.

    at the same time, the person in charge, to seek the most effective solutions to reduce the risk of burning type of tobacco products, one of the most effective solution is nicotine patches, snuff, electronic cigarette and heating combustion device and other health risk was lower in tobacco substitutes.

Research: smokers’ brain structures exacerbate smoking addiction

Experts have analyzed the molecules produced by the connections between neurons, known as synapses. The synapse is the key to the transmission of information around the brain.

The team found that the patterns of different brain regions were different and could be classified according to different functions. Using the new brain map, scientists can investigate the effects of genes related to smoking. It is reported that the brain area identified by this discovery is exactly the area identified in previous brain imaging studies.

Study leader, University of Edinburgh clinical brain science center Seth • Grant (Seth Grant) professor said that the study is “ molecular basis of understanding human thinking is an important step.

Sales of Korean cigarettes are expected to decline this year

    in this regard, some analysts have pointed out that the South Korean government recently issued and revised the effect of tobacco control bill, and some large multinational tobacco companies in the country on the market introduction of a variety of heating combustion products, the traditional burning tobacco products sales volume continued to decline momentum.

    Korea tobacco and Ginseng Corporation data show that the sales volume of cigarettes in the 2017 year may be 5.5% down compared with the same period last year, down to 3 billion 400 million boxes, while the sales volume in the same period last year was 3 billion 600 million boxes. In 2016, there was a smoking rate of 40.7% in South Korea over 19 years of age, and it is expected that the smoking rate will decline in 2017.

    in this regard, the Korea tobacco and Ginseng corporation believes that the government since 2014 greatly increased cigarette taxes, resulting in cigarette retail prices and strict smoking ban in public places, is the cause of the country’s cigarette sales as well as the important reason for smoking rate decreased.

The Indonesian Ministry of trade will issue a recommendation from the Ministry of agriculture next year

Oke Nurwan, director of the Foreign Trade Bureau of the Ministry of foreign trade, said that the Ministry of agriculture’s recommendation on import should be attached before the Ministry of trade designated by the Ministry of trade in November 2nd. “ the import system is based on the recommendation issued by the Ministry of agriculture.

OAC claims that the Department of trade has issued an import license (SPI) based on the recommendation of the Ministry of agriculture to enable the cigarette industry to absorb the domestic production of tobacco. In the future, the Ministry of agriculture will arrange to absorb the quantity of domestic tobacco and send out the percentage of the import of the cigarette industry.

The Ministry of trade threatened to severely punish the cigarette industry that violated the regulations. The punishment is from the freeze to the cancellation of the import license, the cigarette industry, which is not willing to buy domestic tobacco, including dishonest importing data, will also be punished.

To this end, the Ministry of trade designate the importer, and the 15 day of the next month must submit a report on the implementation of the import. If the importer has been frozen, the importer will report the import in two days, and the license will take effect again.

The reason for the restrictions on tobacco imports by the Ministry of trade is due to the considerable amount of tobacco imports each year. According to the data of the Central Statistical Agency (BPS), the import of tobacco reached 50 thousand and 700 tons or $252 million 600 thousand in the first half of this year. The import of tobacco this year was significantly increased by 34.84% over the same period of 37 thousand tons or 241 million 600 thousand dollars in the same period last year.

In the trade ministers’ regulations, we restricted the importation of several kinds of tobacco, tobacco which was forbidden to import, including tobacco with leaf stalks, leafless stalks till tobacco residue, and tobacco that restricted Virginia tobacco, Oriental and Burley tobacco.

The president of AMTI (Budiyono), President of the AMTI, hopes that the new policy will be parallel to the government’s willingness to improve the quality of farmers’ tobacco. They always have reasons and demands for quality standards if they are only required to absorb domestic tobacco. “ this is the concern of the government. Instead of helping the farmers’ good intentions, it is difficult for farmers to sell tobacco.

Since then, the price of domestically produced tobacco is determined by planting area and species. Therefore, the price of tobacco is 60 thousand to 100 thousand shields per kilogram or higher. The average tobacco price per kilogram is 80 thousand shields per kilogram.

Hand cigarette smoking rate increased in the U.S. state of Vitoria

A survey of 4000 adult smokers by the Vitoria state smoking and health survey showed that 43% of smokers were between 18-29 years old. Nearly half (43%) of these young smokers (43%) were eating hand cigarettes, up from 29% in 2001. The survey also showed that nearly 18-29 years old in Vitoria, half of smokers smoke less harmful that roll.

Vitoria smoking agency director Sarah White said, that is a handmade “ organic or safer idea is not correct. She said, with the hand cigarette factory cigarette as harmful additives, tobacco companies not only in loose tobacco use similar to cigarettes, but also tend to add more additives.

Dr. White said that smoking in any form of tobacco can send nicotine, tar and thousands of other pathogenic substances directly into the lungs and blood. The findings call on smokers to better understand the real health effects of tobacco.

The Ministry of agriculture will issue a recommendation from the Ministry of agriculture next year to limit the import of tobacco.

The Japanese government will adjust the tax

    data showed that the last time the government finance department raised tobacco tax rate was October 2010, and each cigarette increased by 3.5 yen.

    in this regard, some analysts believe that the government in order to avoid the consumption tax hike may occur after the fall, which led to a decline in total revenue, therefore decided from the beginning of 2018, in the next four years in the appropriate stage of each cigarette tax increase.

    and the Japanese government’s financial sector plans to raise the rate of the more popular heat – free tobacco products in recent years. At present, the tax rate of these products is lower than that of combustible tobacco products.

No restricted cultivation of cannabis in California, USA

    according to the introduction, since the announcement of the news by the government, California insurance regulatory authorities have approved some applications submitted by insurance companies that provide insurance services for the cannabis industry.

The public think that Australia plain cigarette packaging act effect is not obvious

    investigation of the mechanism results show that up to 59% of the public believe that strict plain packaging bill adopted by the government to control smoking did not achieve any effect.

    at the same time, the survey also found that up to 80% of the Australian public thought that although the government knew that the measure could not effectively reduce its smoking rate in the country, the government would not change the tobacco control measures currently implemented.