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Afghanistan’s Lower House approved the tariff increase to 100%

The Afghanistan daily lookout reported that in November 13th, the house of Commons approved that tariffs on imported cigarettes and other tobacco products would be increased to 100%. The draft has been submitted to the house of Lords and will come into force after the signing of the president of the Arab republic.

Tobacco companies will publish anti smoking ads

According to &ldquo, the joint information released by the anti smoking organization, such as the youth non smoking movement, that the Anti Smoking Advertisement of the American tobacco companies was not voluntary, but the result of the federal government suing the federal court in the United States in 1999. In 2006, an American judge ruled that the tobacco companies violated the anti fraud law and the health impact of smoking; &ldquo lied, misled and deceived the American people for more than 50 years, and asked the tobacco companies to issue a correction statement to clarify the facts.

However, the tobacco companies expressed its dissatisfaction and appealed repeatedly, including objections to the specific wording of the correction statement. Recently, the two sides reached an agreement on the details of the statement, the form of publication and the time of release, and a federal judge passed the ruling in October.

This 11 years late to correct the statement involving 5 content categories, including the health hazards of smoking and nicotine addiction; smoking; “ low tar, &ldquo, “ light; light, soft and natural “ “ tobacco products have no health benefits; the tobacco companies intends to set the content of nicotine in tobacco products the addictive; health hazards of secondhand smoke.

Specific advertisements include: “ smoking caused 1200 deaths in the United States, “ die each year from smoking than those who died of AIDS, murder, Dutch act, drugs, traffic accidents, alcohol combined, “ smoking is addictive, so it is difficult to quit, “ tobacco companies deliberately designed cigarettes contain nicotine enough with the addictive, etc..

The United States Philip · Moelis Company, Reynolds and Lorillard are the top three American Tobacco manufacturer. According to the court, from November 26th to March 4th next year, Philip · Maurice and its parent company Altria group, and Reynolds Lorillard in more than 50 US newspapers published a full page advertisement published on the 5 Sunday of each involve one class declaration. These ads will also appear on the websites of these newspapers.

At the same time, these tobacco companies have also been asked to broadcast correction statements in prime time from 7 to 10 p.m. on mainstream TV channels, a year long. The tobacco companies will also publish these corrections on their websites and tobacco product packaging boxes, and the details are still being finalized.

The first Asian tobacco harm products forum was held in Indonesian capital

Professor AchmadSyawqieYazid, chairman of the Indonesia Public Health Watch Foundation (YPKP), is the organizer of the forum. He says almost half of the world’s 1 billion 100 million smokers live in Asia, and India and Indonesia are the two countries with the largest number of smokers in the world. Because of smoking related complications, such as heart disease and cancer, thousands of people die every day in these countries. In fact, more than 57 million people smoke in Indonesia, one of the countries with the highest smoking rate.

Yazid pointed out that although public health officials made the greatest efforts to combat the epidemic of smoking in the region, smoking rates were no longer declining.

He said, “&ldquo, this situation has prompted us public health observers in Asia to seek the most effective solutions to mitigate the risk of burning tobacco.”. Asian countries need to take action, one of the most effective solutions is to introduce Nicotine Patch, Swedish snuff, electronic cigarettes and heating non burning device and other health risk tobacco replacement products.

He also said: ““ in countries such as Japan and the United Kingdom to promote the use of electronic cigarettes and heating non burning device, smoking rate plummeted. In Britain, for example, 2 million 200 thousand smokers have quit smoking in 5 years. Cigarette usage has been declining fastest in Japan for two years. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just announced this year that it will revise its anti smoking regulations for the harm reduction products, and the New Zealand Ministry of health has just approved the use of electronic cigarettes this month.

Thailand Bangkok levy tobacco tax law is expected to start in 2019

Thailand Local Tax Director Le Saddam said on the 16, Bangkok is currently preparing for the introduction of municipal government regulations, like other government national governance institutions to levy a tax on tobacco, the tobacco tax levy the highest limit prescribed for other government national treatment 1.86 baht per pack. Bangkok will also levy a tax of 1.86 baht on a package of cigarettes. Earlier, the Bangkok government’s measures to prepare laws and regulations have been approved by the Ministry of internal affairs and approved by the Ministry of internal affairs.

Le Saddam said, since, in addition to outside of Bangkok, the other government have to levy a tax on tobacco, which gives the overseas import of cigarettes in Thailand and then into the Bangkok market left a legal loophole, prompted some people to profit from.

In addition, according to the tobacco industry pointed out that after the entry into force of the new national tax law, the new cigarette tax notice has also been announced, causing multiple affected by cigarette business. At the same time, the new national tax framework also led to some foreign brands of imported cigarette prices decline, some of the original price per pack of 70 baht, the implementation of the new tax law to domestic 60 baht per pack, because the new domestic tax law if a packet of cigarette price is not more than 60 baht, to pay 20%, but if the price is more than 60 per pack shall pay 40% baht. Therefore, the dealers suggest that the Department of domestic products once again review the new domestic tax law.

Bangkok municipal government financial office said that the Bangkok municipal government is currently modifying and improving the relevant provisions of the 1985 Bangkok municipal government official management rules and regulations, in order to give the Bangkok municipal government authority to levy tobacco tax, accommodation tax and hotel tax. The Ministry of interior will issue proposals to the cabinet and Legislative Council for inclusion in the agenda, and it is expected that the relevant deliberations and procedures will take 1 years, and then the Bangkok municipal government will be able to levy tobacco tax in 2019.

The US Food and drug administration has been promoting rules for retailers

    in this regard, the person in charge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a media interview, for the campaign, the Council has organized personnel to the point of retail operators and consumers to buy tobacco products to expand the business and avoid preaching, consumers do not know the scope of regulation and violation of the relevant the provisions of.

The FDA is urging refused to lower risk products for Philip Morris International

In the submit a Philip Morris International low risk tobacco products application public consultation to the FDA, Glantz, Philip Morris International failed to prove that consumers actually use the heating combustion products will greatly reduce the harm of tobacco and related diseases.

According to Glantz, with Philip Morris International from 24 on human potential hazards biomarker research data of Japan and the United States, these data suggest that in these 24 studies, including 23 biomarkers of study show that Americans had no statistical differences in learning can be detected between iQOS and conventional cigarettes, though the results of “ slightly positive, 13 biomarkers in 3 showed different.

He said, his Philip Morris International data support iQOS and traditional cigarette marker effects on the potential hazards of American biological conclusions there is no difference.

Cigarette smuggling in New York is the most serious in the United States

Fund report, NY with “ the most serious problem of smuggling, the State Fund Project Manager (Scott Drenkard) said the special card, this is because the NY &ldquo tax is the highest in the country.

In New York, every packet of cigarette tax is $4.35, while in New York city for a packet of cigarettes plus $1.5 in taxes.

In August, the city of signed a bill to raise cigarette taxes and a minimum price to reduce smoking in New York, raising the minimum price of cigarettes in New York from $10.5 to $13.

Fund analyst on the “New York post” said that the &ldquo price tax; the tobacco black market spread, and lead to New York city lost $740 million in revenue in 2015, the state government tax losses of nearly $900 million.

It was reported that municipal officials had not raised any objection to the study. But it says New York is cracking down on tobacco smuggling. Although they admit that New York has lost a large amount of tax revenue, they believe that the high tax policy is correct.

New York city police chief Versido (Joseph Fucito) said to the “New York post”: “ about our high taxes and all of these problems has been debated for smuggling. But the health bureau is clear that high taxes have prevented some people from smoking, though not everyone, but it has really saved some lives.

The report also said that more and more tax differences between the States, the cigarette smuggling become a national issue, and even the formation of a lucrative criminal business chain.

Japan intends to raise the tobacco tax for three times each with RMB 0.17 yuan

    it is learnt that the excise tax plan does not raise the tobacco tax in 2019. However, the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party also has strong opposition, and it will be difficult to coordinate the work.

Reported that if the increase in taxes, this will become the 2010 after each cigarette up 3.5 yen after the adjustment again, is expected to increase revenue of hundreds of billions of yen. The increased tax will be used to fill in the introduction of “ tax reductions after tax reductions.

It is understood that the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party tax survey held an informal cadre meeting at the party headquarters on 7, and combed the main arguments of the tax system amendment in 2018. The core of the discussion is to modify personal income tax and create “ forest environmental tax acts as a financial source to protect forests. From 22, the formal discussion, around December 14th summary of the ruling party tax system outline.

Miyazawa Yangyi, President of the tax survey, said, “&ldquo, you have to come up with a decent conclusion. Topics discussed include the expansion of the tax system that supports the succession of SMEs, and the revision of land and building assessments as a basis for calculating the fixed asset tax.

The Japanese House of Representatives election to become the topic of big business tax retained earnings, said Miyazawa “ many people think that this is not the best means, that will give priority to the expansion of tax system, the enterprise will pay for investment and retained earnings. On the establishment of &ldquo from Japan, the tax is called “&ldquo”; it is now being discussed in the Ministry of land and transportation, and will be discussed when the tax investigation is coming.

EU tobacco product tracking system was criticized by the United Kingdom

He said: “ the traditional tobacco products of these companies export their own production and distribution (such as bucket wire, snuff, chewing tobacco). Whether the Commission is aware of its decision to expand its tracking and tracking range to tobacco products is bound to have only one way out: has it exceeded the mandate of the European Parliament under the European tobacco directive (2014\/40\/EU) to the commission? Self imposed barriers to trade have had an adverse impact on small and traditional tobacco manufacturers, and eventually led to their closure

The committee will reply to the above two questions in writing.

Sales of new British tobacco products are growing rapidly

    Dan Marchant, the head of retail companies, a British steam Tobacco Association, told reporters in an interview that the government’s national health insurance service system supports consumers to use similar devices such as steam cigarettes to stop smoking.

    in fact, the tobacco industry has long been supporting the use of electronic cigarettes and similar steam flue devices as alternatives to the consumption of ordinary tobacco products. There is no doubt that steam smoke is the most effective way to stop smoking. At the same time, the national health insurance system implemented by the British government will contribute to the government’s public health and tobacco control.

The Rwandan government plans to raise tobacco tax rates

    the change in the tax policy will bring more than 5 billion Rwandan francs to the fiscal revenue of the Rwandan government every year.

A senior executive of the independent tobacco manufacturers association is suspected of economic crimes

    according to the introduction, Ronald Tully, during his tenure in the association, was suspected of using his authority to occupy part of the association’s funds when meeting costs, travel expenses, and consulting other companies. The final statistics show that in the years when Ronald Tully was in office, a total of $830 thousand (about 710 thousand euros) of the cost of the association was illegally occupied.

    the headquarters of the American Association of independent tobacco manufacturers, located in Richmond, USA, was founded in 2003.

Some EU Member States jointly fight against illegal tobacco products

    several developed economies in the European Union, such as Germany, France and Italy, have been working together with the government’s regulatory authorities and customs authorities in order to give a powerful blow to illegal tobacco products from the black market. In this regard, the EU food and health supervision committee named Vytenis Andriukaitis responsible person pointed out in an interview with media reporters, in order to effectively combat the illegal spread of tobacco products in the EU Member States, the European Union is more complicated and high cost of the smoking control case, will effectively isolate and other tobacco products product. In addition, from 2019 May, the European Union will deploy a comprehensive tracking and tracking system for tobacco products in member countries.

A number of American tobacco companies end with the government debate

    as early as 1999, the U.S. government filed legal proceedings against the tobacco companies, accusing the tobacco traders of spreading the public to the public about the dangers of tobacco. After more than 10 years of debate with the government, the tobacco industry agreed to issue a correction statement to the public.

    in this regard, Philip · Maurice tobacco, a U.S. company leader pointed out that in the past 20 years, the tobacco industry in the United States has undergone great changes. In addition, the US government’s family smoking prevention and Control Act, which was introduced by the US government in 2009, has given the US Food and Drug Administration considerable authority, which is why the tobacco industry has made such a decision.

To curb tobacco consumption, France wants to raise 10 cigarettes per box in 2020

    French government announced in September to raise the minimum tobacco tax rate, resulting in the lowest box gas rose from 6.61 euros to 7.33 euros. Raising tax rates on box cigarettes and cigarettes can prompt tobacco manufacturers to raise sales or reduce margins. In general, the price of cigarettes will rise by an average of 30 cents.

    the Ministry of health and the Ministry of Health issued a joint public report that 20 boxed cigarettes increased by an average of 35 cents. Retail prices of nearly 4\/5 20 boxed cigarettes will be equal to or higher than 7 euros. The minimum permitted price of 20 boxed cigarettes is 6.7 euros, the highest 8.1 euros.

    joint communique pointed out that in order to achieve the November 2020 20 boxes of cigarettes rose to 10 euros target, now across the first stage. The price of cigarettes will be raised by one euro in March 2018, and the price of boxed cigarettes will be increased by 6 times from now until the end of 2020.

    the French health minister recently pointed out that 29% of French residents smoke. Other countries have sharply increased cigarette prices to reduce smokers, such as Britain, where their smokers have dropped to less than 20%.

Report: 20% American adults use tobacco products

The report, in collaboration with the U.S. Food and drug administration, analyzed data from the 2015 national health survey, which found that nearly 49 million Americans were tobacco users.

In these 87% tobacco users, approximately 42 million people use combustible tobacco products, such as traditional cigarettes, cigars and pipe; the other 13% use the export of electronic cigarette or chewing tobacco, snuff, snus and other products.

The report also found that 9 million 500 thousand of Americans every day or every few days with two or more than two kinds of tobacco products; men use tobacco products accounted for 25.2%, higher than 15.4% of women aged 25 to 44 years old; the use of tobacco products accounted for 23.3%, higher than that of people aged 65 years and over 11.1%.

Fitzgerald, director of the CDC, &sdot, said in a statement: ““ smoking is the primary preventable cause of disease and death in the United States, and too many Americans are harmed by smoking.” Dr. Brenda, director of the center for Disease Control and prevention, said: “smoking is the most preventable cause of disease and death in the United States.”.

Official data show that smoking kills more than 480 thousand Americans annually, and 16 million Americans suffer from it. To this end, the United States government has adopted a series of tobacco control measures in recent years, including the need to reduce the nicotine content in cigarettes to non addictive levels.