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South Korea will ban smoking in the apartment building

    in this regard, the government said the Health Welfare Department before the government in the future will be through the law amendment to increase the residential smoking restrictions. It is reported that the newly revised bill will come into force in February 10, 2018.

    at present, public areas such as elevators, corridors, corridors and other public areas are designated as manageable spaces by the government. The management department can be declared a prohibited smoking area after half a resident’s consent.

    according to the regulations of the government, for the unit balcony and toilet which were not in the management scope before, after the revision of the law, if the residents feel that someone is smoking, they can report to the management department. Regulators have the right to investigate such events by checking private homes.

Philippines health organization hopes smokers do not smoke at Christmas parties

    for this group, a responsible person named Emer Rojas said they hope smokers can make their family members and friends happy while enjoying Christmas season, and they will not be upset by second-hand smoke.

    at the same time, the person in charge called for “smokers not to smoke at their Christmas party”. If smokers decide to quit smoking in the new year, it will be a good start.

Uruguay will implement the cigarette packaging policy plain and became the seventh country

    according to reports, the Uruguay government’s tobacco control act, health warnings and warning pictures need to cover 80% of the area of cigarette packs. But the plain packaging act revised requirements, all cigarettes sold in non uniform packaging, brand identity, brand image and promotion information, packaging the same color, brand and product names will also be in a uniform color and font to display.

    according to the introduction, in the latest revision of the tobacco control bill passed, Uruguay will become economically developed countries — — Australia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom, the implementation of the policy of plain cigarette packaging requirements in seventh countries.

Smoking restrictions in South Korea’s revised apartment buildings

At present, public areas such as elevators, staircases, corridors and other public areas are designated as &ldquo. Manageable space can be declared by the management department by half residents.

The Herald reported that, according to the existing regulations, if the residents felt that someone was smoking, they could report to the management when the balcony and toilet of the individual units which were not in the management authority were amended by law. The authorities will have the right to investigate the matter through the search for private homes.

Thailand Pattaya Beach ban foreign tourists dissatisfaction: don’t go any more

“ east beach two public toilet chairs were designed into the region behind the smoking area, but foreign tourists refused to use the smoking area. They ignore the beach smoking signs, stately sitting on the couch to rent. A beach lounge chair renter said.

He said, “ I like other East Beach chair rental industry like, will actively cooperate with the authorities in the ban after the release. The two latrines behind the beach have been identified as smoking areas. As long as we see a tourist smoking in a recliner, we walk through the visitors to explain the smoking on the beach and tell the visitors the location of the smoking area. However, we told the tourists that they became very unhappy after the beaches were banned. Even tourists said that if they are not to smoke in a rented beach chair, they would no longer be east beach. Part of the discontent of the ban on smoking is foreigners, because they used to smoke at random on the beach.

Research in the United States shows that heating non combustion devices will also have an impact on consumer health

    prior to this, the animal experiment carried out by the Colorado State University in the United States, steam electronic cigarette will cause the increase of platelet aggregation, may cause vascular micro thrombus. That electronic cigarettes increase in cardiovascular risk and lead to heart disease, as well as traditional cigarette products harmful to the health of consumers.

    in addition, a quantitative analysis conducted by researchers at Luis Weil University found that substances produced by heating electronic cigarette smoke contained harmful aldehydes, including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein.

Japan plans to take more stringent smoke control measures to meet the 2020 Olympic Games

    although Japan is now facing pressure from international institutions such as WHO, it is to make the Tokyo Olympic Games a smoke-free sports meeting. But the increasingly widespread anti – smoking activities in Japan have suffered some resistance at the beginning.

    it was introduced that the government’s plan to revise the tobacco control bill in December this year should expand the scope of tobacco control in its public places, but not including restaurants. In this regard, some analysts believe that a variety of factors make the government’s policy of prohibition of smoking a compromise.

    according to a data from Japanese government statistics department, about 20% of adults in Japan now smoke, though this proportion has been greatly reduced in recent decades, Japan is still one of the countries with high smoking rate all over the world.

In fact, in Japan, smoking is still a part of its culture. Most companies offer specific indoor smoking areas for smokers.

The smokeless World Foundation calls for public participation

The first process is a period of public opinion solicitation for the focus of research. The second process is a letter of intent that requires early determination of the scope of the donor community, which will help to assess the most likely area of research that is most likely to accelerate the end of smoking.

The participation of researchers, decision-makers, smokers and others with related experience or expertise is being invited.

FSFW, founder and President of Derek Yach, said: “ we encourage every person who is interested in reducing the death and disease caused by smoking. We will share our insights and creative suggestions on our research priorities. In particular, we are looking for new ideas, new thinking and innovative cooperation from the traditional tobacco control community, and will take a solid step towards the smoke-free world.

A day before the news FSFW said that since September the establishment of the foundation, the leadership has been heard around the world public health experts, including major conferences, meetings and seminars to a study sponsored by the foundation.

“ get some experience through discussions. Obviously, before the foundation issued a large-scale research recommendation request in 2018, some potential research areas need more detailed review and development. In order to prepare for launching a series of radical research projects in 2018, the foundation now accepts the early review grant letter of intent, collecting more information about potential research topics of smoking cessation, reducing pollution and replacing tobacco farmers with livelihoods. The foundation’s website,, has a detailed account of the appropriations. A letter of intent will be issued in December 11th, which is the first step in the application process and will eventually be granted a preliminary review of the appropriation in January.

The Vatican prohibits the sale of cigarettes

    according to reports, due to different tax rates, the sales of cigarette products currently in the Vatican, and sold in Italy domestic similar products cheaper, it has attracted many Italians to the Vatican to buy cigarette products at lower prices. Under such circumstances, the Catholic Church of Rome decided to ban the sale of cigarette products in the Vatican beginning next year, but the ban did not include cigar products.

Part of the EU’s public health institutions require legal proceedings against tobacco dealers

    according to the introduction, they plan to sue the tobaccos including Philip &middot, Maurice tobacco international company, Anglo-American Tobacco Corp, Empire Brand Company, Japan Tobacco International Company and so on.

    according to reports, the company called “ anti smoking front (“ new front new against smoking) the agency said that smokers found no benefit of low tar cigarette products on the health of consumers and thus, tobacco consumers begin to take action, and plan to take legal action against tobacco companies.

The Tokyo metropolitan office considers the decree of a heating non combustion product elimination plan

The proposed decree will basically prohibit smoking in restaurants and bars, and will be punished for violations. It will also prohibit smoking in places such as public places, universities, primary and secondary schools and hospitals. The violator will be fined under 50 thousand yuan.

Tokyo metropolitan hall also plans to ban smoking on public transport, including taxis and buses, but allows smoking in designated smoking areas on trains and ships.

The goal of the urban government is to submit the decree to the Tokyo parliament in February 2018 to take effect before the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. Initially, the decree will include heating non burning products and cigarettes and cigars, according to the basic plan proposed by the September halls.

During the public review, the office received 16972 legal opinions from 5085 citizens in and outside Tokyo on the decree.

Of these, 6464 opinions support the passage of the decree and 5007 other objections. So far, only Kanagawa and Hyogo counties have introduced similar decrees.

According to the white paper on tobacco published by the Ministry of health in 2016, the number of deaths caused by exposure to secondhand smoke per year is about 15000.

Port survey: 80% Hong Kong people support the increase in tobacco tax and age for the purchase of tobacco products

The Commission commissioned the HKU to investigate this year from April to October. The topics include tobacco tax, public support of smoke-free Hongkong, smoke warning package, and public support for smoking ban near children. According to Hongkong Oriental Daily reported on November 30th, according to the results of the survey, 53.9% of respondents support Hongkong banned the sale of tobacco products; 81% of the respondents agreed to buy tobacco products age, from the current 18 to 21 years of age, most people are to reflect the attitude of smoking control. The Committee believes that a substantial increase in tobacco taxes to encourage smokers to quit, and the prevention of children and young people to start smoking, and recommended Hongkong 100% increase in taxes, the goal is to implement a total ban in 2027, and the smoking rate in 5% before the implementation, making legislation more favourable conditions for the protection of public health.

Hong Kong School of public health scholar Lin Daqing said in Hongkong increased significantly behind the international tax, has no substantial increase in tobacco taxes for 6 years, the rate of decline is relatively slow smoking rate. Kuang Zusheng, chairman of the committee, said that the smoking rate in Hongkong was 10.5%. It is hoped that Hongkong will refer to more effective tobacco control measures in foreign countries, such as raising the legal sales age to 21 years old, and so on. Before 2020, the smoking rate will be reduced to single digit number, and a total ban on smoking will be launched in 2027.

There is a problem in Seoul to push the ban on smoking: how should the public area be defined?

The Seoul Municipal Council previously passed the decree to strive for a comprehensive ban on smoking in the public areas.

The total ban on smoking was supported by most of the citizens of Seoul. The results of a poll in August of this year showed that 90% of the respondents approved a total ban on smoking and 7% in public areas.

According to the 26 day of the Korean Herald, Jin Enxi, a 30 year old citizen of Seoul, said: &ldquo, I was often shocked when I and my son walked on the street. Someone is going to smoke on the street, and those of us who walk behind are smoking secondhand smoke.

The overall ban on smoking will not take effect immediately. An official with the Seoul municipal government department of Health said: “ the public has been recognized not smoke in the public area, but &lsquo &rsquo (regional); public smoking; practice is difficult to define, the concept is too broad and vague, so we turned to set up more non-smoking area.

There are 17 thousand and 500 outdoor smoking ban areas and 23 thousand and 900 indoor smoking ban areas in Seoul, including kindergartens and other educational institutions surrounding areas, large traffic streets, bus stops, subway entrances, parks, squares, hospitals and apartments. The Seoul municipal government plans to add 3300 more smoking – free areas around the kindergarten.

There are 43 outdoor smoking kiosks in Seoul. The municipal government has fortified smoking to make some smokers dissatisfied. A “ the head of the smokers group complained in a radio program: “ it was really angry only to increase the smoking ban. It is more meaningful to set up a smoking area for people who have no smoking. If all blocks become smoke-free areas, it is becoming more and more difficult to find places to smoke.

An official of the Ministry of health and welfare in Republic of Korea believes that it is impossible to set all the streets into a no smoking area, because some outdoor areas in Seoul belong to private ownership. It is more practical to set up a large pedestrian street or public place as a no smoking area.

The smoking ban of Japanese catering enterprises is more painful.

The skylark headquarters was previously confined to indoor smoking, and smokers could also go to the roof or outside of the building. Japan’s 24 hour hot news network quoted RocketNews24 the group human resources department’s statement reported that the new regulations &ldquo smoking policies enacted since 2014; natural upgrade, not only to promote the employees and their family’s health, but also to avoid the employees out of the building, standing in the other shop door smoking, let those places become the second-hand smoke disaster affect the health of others.

However, the new regulation does not refer to the corresponding penalty clause, only that those who violate the regulations will be criticized by their superiors.

Hongkong tobacco control aimed at the target of “smokeless Hongkong” for 35 years

Chen Zhaoshi, director of the food and health administration of the HKSAR government, said that the tobacco control policy of the HKSAR government is intended to encourage people not to smoke, suppress the widespread use of tobacco and reduce the impact of second-hand smoke on the public so as to ensure public health. Hongkong has strengthened tobacco control in many aspects such as legislation, law enforcement, publicity, education, smoking cessation services and taxation. The proportion of smokers has decreased from 23.3% in early 1982 to 10.5% in 2015.

Chen Hanyi, director of health, delivered a speech during the 35 years since the implementation of the smoking (Public Health) Ordinance. The tobacco control work has achieved considerable results, but the SAR government still needs to cooperate with all circles. She points out that there are more and more new types of tobacco products in the market, and they claim to be a substitute for the health of traditional tobacco. Because of the lack of information on the health impact of these products on individuals and population, all walks of life need to work harder to cope with the new challenges posed by these products.

Chen Hanyi said: “ looking forward to the future, in order to ensure public health, we expect to reduce the smoking rate from 10.5% in 2015 to a single digit number. We need to work more closely with our partners and make more extensive support from the community on tobacco control to create a smoke-free Hongkong.

Kuang Zusheng, chairman of the Hongkong smoking and Health Committee, said Hongkong is one of the lowest smoking rates in the world, and it should be set for a smoke-free Hongkong.

At the meeting, experts from WHO, University of Hong Kong and the Asian anti smoking consulting agency issued opinions and shared research results on effective tobacco control measures, testing and regulating new types of tobacco products.

Appeals to American anti smoking ads for social media and digital media

In 1999, the Ministry of justice sued the tobacco giant and tried to recover the billions of dollars that the federal government spent on people who took care of the disease caused by smoking.

In 2006, a federal judge decided that the tobacco tycoon had been &ldquo in the health effects of smoking, lying, distorting and deceiving the American public for more than 50 years. She ordered the industry to make &ldquo, correct advertising and publicize the health hazards of smoking to consumers. However, the tobacco industry has started appeals, of course, has always been a failure, but it is not all of the benefit.

A total of 260 advertisements have been launched in the prime time of Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS), NBC and American Broadcasting Company (ABC) for a year. It will also start to appear on the Sunday edition of the 50 newspapers.

In the past more than 10 years, the tobacco industry has not followed the law, trying to avoid propagandize directly to teenagers, who are the most need to accept anti smoking information. Studies have shown that people who did not smoke until the age of 18 were rarely addicted to tobacco in the future.

In 1999, Internet television and newspapers still had a large number of young audiences when they filed a lawsuit. Today, however, most of the young media consumers have turned to other forms of media, which are not included in the anti tobacco advertising program.

The Ministry of justice should seek to revise the order, requiring that tobacco industry not only publicize advertisements in traditional media such as Internet TV and newspapers, but also attract young people’s eyeballs through social media and other digital platforms, and publicize the harm of fatal products to young consumers.