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Japan will strengthen passive smoking caused by the management of heated electronic smoke

MHLW think after 3 years before the Tokyo Olympics, it is necessary to strengthen the management of passive smoking, is studying the introduction of new science with the punishment measures of tube regulations. Among them, do not use for combustion, electronic cigarettes contain nicotine inhalation of heating steam, the province can not be denied that its influence on human health, and will consider the same as the control object of cigarettes.

The province will consider the prohibition of the use of electronic cigarettes in hospitals, schools and other facilities, and prohibit the use of restaurants in principle, but the establishments in smoking areas do not act as objects of regulation. Due to the effect of heating type electronic smoke on human health, the data are not sufficient at present, and will be re evaluated when sufficient data are collected in the future.

In the future, at the same time the labour ministry will make an agreement with the Liberal Democratic Party to develop new measures to prevent passive smoking, if earlier, will be submitted to Congress next year on health in general promotion law amendment.

First round financing of American electronic cigarette manufacturers

Since then, Juul focuses on cigarette alternatives, while Pax makes a mixture of nicotine and a variety of plants. Last week, Juul hired Kevin Burns as chief executive.

According to the day before a document submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the company has grown from 23 investors to raise $111 million 500 thousand, still need to raise $38 million 500 thousand. A Juul spokesman confirmed the application, but refused to provide more details.

Juul’s flat rectangular devices, such as the shape of the U disk, were listed in the middle of 2015, exceeding the similar devices of the tobacco giant. Bonnie Herzog, a Wells Fargo analyst, quoted Nelson’s first 4 weeks’ data in a report last month. He pointed out that Juul controls 32.9% of the market share, followed by Anglo American Tobacco 27.4% and Austria 15.2%.

According to Nelson’s data, the November report showed that Juul’s income increased by nearly 700% last year to $225 million. The total amount of electronic smoke increased by 40% to $1 billion 160 million.

Juul claims that its mission is to provide &ldquo for 1 billion smokers worldwide; better replace combustible cigarettes to eliminate the use of cigarettes.

The former CEO of Goldman Sachs revealed to CNBC in October that the company was trying to achieve its mission because the supply was limited. He said the company produces 20 million products a month, including devices and smoke bombs, but it does not produce nicotine sticks.

Forbes magazine: heating no burning tobacco: a new wave of damage to the revolution

    this technological reform and industry development have created a win-win situation for enterprises and smokers. The role of HnB in reducing tobacco related hazards is not only reflected in the theoretical level of technology, but also has commercial cases. For example, Philip of the Moelis Company is not heating combustion products iQOS with its easy to use, no ash and smoke, and fully simulated the feeling of smoking and other characteristics, is currently in Japan, Portugal, Italy, Romania and Russia are greatly welcomed by consumers. Since the second quarter of 2016, iQOS has gained 12% market share after its launch in Japan. Bonnie Herzog, an analyst at Wells Fargo, is optimistic about the prospects of the non burning (HnB) products: “ it is estimated that by 2025, the iQOS of Philip Moelis Company will replace 30% of the traditional cigarette business in the developed market.

    in fact, from the last century since 80s, the heating is not burning (HnB) concept has been in development, but only in recent years successfully commercialized, innovation and competition to stimulate a new generation of heat without burning (HnB) products, and these products have been changed in the tobacco industry pattern.

    however, the non burning products have not been able to spread throughout the world, and the pace of progress in each market is different, for example, the American smokers are still waiting. The new non combustion products must be put into the market through the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for tobacco products. Whether American smokers can reduce the risk of smoking by heating non – burning products depends on whether FDA can approve the listing of such products.

American scholars suggest that regulators refuse to apply for iQOS low risk products

    according to the introduction, in the submission of the recommendations to the regulatory authorities of the government of the United States, the researchers pointed out that, so far, Philip · Maurice international tobacco company did not show that consumers in the use of heat without burning products will greatly reduce the hazards and diseases and tobacco related. In fact, the US Food and drug administration has decided to postpone the pre market filing time of such new products to 2022.

The US Food and drug administration again postponed the application for the listing of steam products

    according to the introduction, the family smoking and tobacco control act, issued by the US government many years ago, has given the US Food and drug administration the right to manage the production, distribution and sale of all kinds of tobacco products.

    in May 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration decided to include all tobacco products in its regulatory range, including electronic nicotine and other electronic nicotine transport devices (ENDS). At the same time, the bill also prohibits the sale of steam products to anyone under 18 years of age. Unless their products are listed before February 2007, it is required that steam producers should submit pre market applications before launching all steam products. However, this requirement has caused heavy cost burden to tobacco merchants, because the cost of each steam product is expensive.

    according to the regulations of the US Food and drug administration, it is obvious that only large tobacco companies can undertake the cost of pre listing applications, and even after the application is submitted, they cannot guarantee the approval of the US Food and drug administration.

&emsp,   in this case, the US Food and Drug Administration decided to postpone the submission date of such steam products and non combustion products before August 8, 2022. In order to give the tobacco merchants sufficient preparation time.

Traditional tobacco? Electronic smoke? Heat not burning smoke? Look at the difference between the Japanese and the Japanese

On the same day, according to Japan’s largest news agency “Yomiuri Shimbun” reported about whether the heating is not in accordance with the traditional cigarette burning tobacco treatment, the recent Tokyo municipal government public collection of public opinion, after receiving 2000 against the heating does not burn as feedback traditional cigarette legal constraints, the government of Tokyo said that they can not ignore the 2000 public opinion, and because of the hazards of tobacco and the so-called heat without burning is not completely confirmed by science, and should put heating combustion products and traditional tobacco products differently. According to the analysis of the report of Philip Moelis Company, which sells the non burning products &ldquo and iQOS, the steam released from heated tobacco does not reduce the content of harmful components by 9 compared with that of cigarette smoke. Japan’s tobacco companies (JT), which sells the same products &ldquo, Ploomtech, also said: &ldquo, there is almost no anxiety substance that endangering health, so it should not be compared with traditional cigarettes.

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo has set up the regulations on child passive smoking prevention in October, which has been established and implemented in 2017. In order to cope with the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chiba City, close to Tokyo, has also formulated the regulations on the prevention of passive smoking. In the city, macho, the village of various levels of the implementation of passive smoking prevention regulations, as well as Hokkaido Mei Bei City, but not for restaurants and Custom Stores.

The passive smoking prevention regulations, because the public familiar with traditional cigarette harm to health, so agree more. However, there are two major controversies on whether new types of tobacco, such as heating, should be treated differently, have two main controversies.

1. is it harmful to the health of non – burning tobacco products?

2. is it still harmful to passive smoking?

In this regard, Ishida Masahiko, a common researcher at Yokohama Municipal University, Japan, proposed a master of medicine.

“ the basis of the passive smoking prevention regulations is to limit the health hazards of cigarette smoke to non smoked people while allowing free smoking. That is to say, if the smoke and steam coming out of heated tobacco will do the same harm to health, it should be restricted like cigarettes. If not, the heating of the non – burning tobacco should be excluded from the restricted object.

According to the heat without burning the existence of the same harm, although the volume is larger still are the major tobacco companies, but public health researchers and research institutions of heating combustion products for human health hazards started from long ago. At present, in the analysis of heat of combustion products produced by the paper, the mainstream is the Swiss researchers do not represent the product of iQOS type combustion heating views, according to the paper, iQOS produced by nicotine, formaldehyde, toxic acrolein, about 84% less than traditional cigarettes.

But only the traditional tobacco and heating without burning tobacco compared to discuss the health effects to users, is still not comprehensive, not for people who smoked any tobacco could not be called a completely healthy, but for not smoking or not to quit smoking smokers, there is no doubt that the heating is not to combustion model of tobacco products can reduce the harm of smoking this behavior.

Ishida Masahiko believes that carcinogens are actually ubiquitous, and there is no completely healthy world without any carcinogens. Therefore, many times we need to set safety threshold for different substances. Suppose that the death risk of cigarettes is 1\/400 (about ten smokers a day, four hundred of them will die from smoking), and the risk of passive smoking is 1\/1000 (one thousand of all passive smokers will suffer from cancer). According to this assumption, heating the non – burning product obviously greatly reduces the harm to the population.

Presumably, the Japanese people’s smoking addiction is really large enough. In order to smoke and health, they really have taken various means and attempts. Do not know if we can learn from them or learn from them?

The EU health commissioner warned that the tobacco product directive was unable to regulate new tobacco products

    for this reason, the Commissioner pointed out that, according to the directive of tobacco products formulated by the European Union, the new type of heating and non burning tobacco products developed and produced by tobacco companies may not be included in the regulation of the directive. Before that, tobacco vendors had realized that the new tobacco products they produced might not be regulated by the government’s tobacco control act.

The British steam Tobacco Association will hold the first industry forum next year

The forum is expected to be held at the king’s foundation in April 23rd. The foundation is the leading think-tank in the field of health and social care. It is expected that more than 200 industry representatives, parliamentarians, public health professionals and researchers will be gathered.

John Dunne, the board member of the association, said: &ldquo, this is an exciting time. More and more industry organizations admit that steam is an important way to help smokers quit smoking, including the government, England public health institutions and the British Medical Association. Such progress is matched in the industry, increasing the retail steam and smoke stores across the country. In the past 6 months, the membership of the steam cured association has doubled, and is in an important stage of sustainable development. It is a good time to hold the first industry forum. We hope to eventually make it the largest business activity in the field.

Will electronic cigarettes be the cause of smoking?

    electronic cigarettes are a non – burning alternative to smoke, which contain batteries, nicotine boxes, and sprayers. The user can breathe in the vaporized nicotine and exhale the white mist. According to personal preferences, chocolate or mint can be added to the pipe to produce a special taste. They are generally believed to be healthier and safer than ordinary cigarettes, because they do not contain tobacco and users do not breathe in the toxic smoke. But does electronic cigarettes provide a way to reduce smoking, or will it lead to more people addicted to it?

    Canadian researchers obtained data from a group of nearly forty-five thousand Canadian high school students, who reported their use of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes themselves. The data also included follow-up to the Ontario and Alberta provinces a year later. In this age group to explore is crucial for understanding the smoking initiation, because according to the researchers, most smokers from the beginning of youth, which makes us feel very worried, because in the last ten years we managed to bring the number of smokers began to decline.

    research shows that: on the personal level, the electronic cigarette may have a causal relationship with smoking, because they can contact nicotine earlier or more exposure to environmental risk factors. The biggest concern now is that teenagers who have used electronic cigarettes, in the long run, will be dependent on nicotine and become addicted. And eating real cigarettes may be their final result.

The United States VTM company launched a heating non combustion device

    according to the introduction, the product is easy to use for consumers, and has high cost performance. It also makes consumers feel the real smell of cigarettes. In this regard, the company’s researchers pointed out that the 3T® Organic heating is not burning device using their patented technology, tobacco is only heating but not burning, smoke extraction liquid, organic tobacco from the United States and grown so can keep real strong tobacco taste, and by consumers.

    according to the introduction, 3T® Organic is a new type of heating, non burning nicotine delivery device that can be reused. It is the first and only product certified by the US Department of agriculture.

The British commercial street is coming to the steam smoke store

According to UKVIA estimates, there are more than 2000 stores in the country, but with the retail brand owners starting to invest in large stores, the number will increase exponentially in the next two or three years.

UKVIA Doug Mutter, the board member of the board of directors, said: “ although the industry is only 10 years old, large enterprises and large retail brands are beginning to appear. There are steam fume shops everywhere. Like the Google subversion of the communications industry, Uber took the place of taxis; steam smoke has also completed a large shift away from smoking. In recent years, England public health department launched the first steam smoke publicity campaign. The government’s tobacco control program has strengthened the key role played by smokers in smoking cessation. These two aspects have greatly promoted the development of the industry.

Indonesia is proposed to restrict the sale of electronic tobacco materials

The decision has been opposed by an increasing number of electronic cigarette users. But trade minister Enggartisto Lukita soon provided a solution. He thought that electronic smokers became &ldquo instead of regular smokers. The move is quite puzzling, and many experts have claimed that they think the effect of electronic cigarettes is not as harmful as traditional cigarettes.

This inevitably led to another discussion about the tobacco industry’s government power in Indonesia, which is the only country in the Asia Pacific region that has not formally signed the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control.

Dr. Widyastuti Soerojo, head of the tobacco control department of the Indonesia Public Health Association, said: “ the tobacco industry is very powerful here. Unlike most other countries now, they still think that tobacco is a normal business and should be treated routinely. We lack the necessary control, and the rules we have passed, such as the ads for children, are often not implemented.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Institute of Britain has recommended a review of steam tobacco products

    according to the introduction, at present, the government departments of some European Union member countries have strictly examined electronic cigarette products, and plan to conduct long-term follow-up research on the impact of electronic cigarette products on human health.

    in this regard, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. The official pointed out that despite the current electronic cigarette products seem to have reduced the risk of harm and potential, but the steam tobacco products may still lead to consumers for the psychological and physiological aspects of nicotine addiction, so should the strict supervision and examination.

India release steam smoke advice to ban electronic smoke

A senior official said: “ the government will inform the public that no form of products sold under any name or brand will be used for their own interests.

A survey on the consumption of new tobacco products for young people in the United States

&emsp,   in addition, a data released by the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention shows that the consumption of electronic cigarettes and similar steam and smoke devices is increasing in the US. The center’s detailed statistics show that more than 3 million American high school students had consumed such electronic cigarettes in May 2017 alone.

    at the same time, a research report released by the health regulatory agency of New York state government also found that 20% of the minors had tried to consume electronic cigarette products, which increased considerably compared with two years ago. In this case, including the United States, New York revised multi state government departments are revised or plan the smoking control case, the new tobacco products included in the scope of supervision, and strict supervision of the.

Electronic cigarettes and steam cigarettes become big rivals for tobacco giants

The global electronic cigarette market is expected to be worth $8 billion in 2015. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.34% over the entire forecast period, and will reach $46 billion 900 million by 2025.

Decline in sales of combustible cigarette tobacco products

With the growth of the electronic cigarette and steam tobacco industry, the sales of combustible cigarettes and cigarette products of Altria group and British American tobacco are slowing down. In the recent three quarter results, net income of Altria YABEN quarter fell 2.5% to $6 billion 729 million, this is due to a decrease in net income of combustible type cigarette products department. Similarly, although some brands are growing, cigarette sales of British and American tobacco groups are down by 5.6% over the same period last year.

Philip Morris International Inc., Altria Group Corporation and Anglo-American Tobacco Corp, investors should pay more and more attention, although they respectively provide 4.09%, 4.11% and 3.49% healthy bonus, but they cannot with the growing electronic cigarette market, especially the steam tobacco products to compete. Many electronic smoke tobacco brand is growing by three digit market share increase month by month, while tobacco giants are trying to catch up by internal innovation.