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FDA expands electronic cigarette publicity in the United States

FDA said in a note issued by the tobacco product connectivity forum Center: ““ new information is particularly focused on how nicotine is addictive to adolescents.”.

This is the first time that FDA has explicitly solved the problem of teenagers using electronic cigarettes. The The Real Cost campaign launched in February 2014 focused on millions of teenagers who started smoking or had tried cigarettes when they were 12 to 17 years old.

A study supported by the FDA independent research institute shows that this award-winning movement has stopped smoking among teenagers aged 350 thousand and 11 to 18 between 2014 and 2016. In view of this, taking into account the current use of electronic cigarettes in about 2000000 American teenagers, the agency is expanding The Real Cost, in order to clearly respond to smoking behavior of adolescents.

FDA director Scott Gottlieb said: ““ expanding our very successful public education, including informing young people about the dangers of using these products, is an important part of helping kids stay away from all tobacco products.”.

Japanese institutions: electronic cigarettes are more dangerous than cigarettes to prevent ingestion in children

    electronic smoke does not burn tobacco; in the portable charging machine, a strip or capsule shaped smoke bomb containing tobacco components is added, and the steam is sucked by heating. Compared with cigarettes, cigarettes taste lighter.

    national life center said that it had investigated 12 brands of electronic smoke bombs sold by 3 enterprises such as Japan’s tobacco companies (JT). According to the tester smoke bombs the length of 24 to 83 mm, judge whether caused by asphyxia or dangerous for young children, the survey found that 9 brands of smoke bombs will lead to full size, fear of not eating children 3 years of age.

    National Center for life, after eating do not drink water, should be immediately taken to the medical authorities.

US investigations show that using steam cigarette products saves money

The poll surveyed 1000 users of steam cigarettes, asking them to calculate how much they spent on steam cigarettes, and whether they saved money after switching to them.

At least 71% of respondents said that the use of steam cigarettes could help them save money, 19.6% of respondents said they did not help them save money, 9.4% of respondents said that the traditional tobacco products had not been used before.

Respondents say they usually spend $80 on steam cigarettes and spend $60 a month on steam cigarette consumables. In addition, it costs 6 to 9 dollars a month for uncertainty related to steam smoke.

American media disclose the four harm of electronic cigarette is no less than other tobacco products

According to the report, the tobacco industry must, according to regulations, specify the terrible harm of smoking in the actual cigarette box, but there is no need to make such disclaimer for electronic cigarettes and other steam tobacco products. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says young people in the United States are more likely to smoke electronic cigarettes than other tobacco products. In 2016, more than 2 million primary and high school students smoked electronic cigarettes every month in the United states.

There is a view that electronic cigarettes are harmless to health. However, although electronic cigarettes are not harmful to ordinary cigarettes, they also have some risks. Electronic cigarette is a new product, and the influence of long-term use is still under study, but some of its characteristics are now clear. Here are four major dangers of electronic smoke that need to be noticed:

1. most electronic cigarettes also contain nicotine, just like ordinary cigarettes

The harm of nicotine is well known: addictive, harmful to the development of the fetus, damage to children under 20 years of age (including 20 years of age), brain development of children and adolescents.

The aerosols contained in 2. electronic smoke are harmful to human body

Electronic cigarette smoke inhalation and exhaled gas may contain chemicals and heavy metals that are harmful to humans like nicotine. Because these substances are not within the scope of the review, it is impossible to know which kind of electronic cigarette actually contains.

Recently, the University of North Carolina School of Medicine (UNC) at the American Thoracic Society “American Journal of respiratory and critical care medicine magazine” (the American Thoracic Society&rsquo s American Journal of Respiratory; and Critical Care Medicine) published a study that found that electronic cigarettes will not only trigger the same human immune response caused by the common cigarette. Will provoke other special immune response, which is the human body depends on how to deal with foreign substances. Dr. &middot of Department of respiration, University of Texas Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and UTHealth (Pushan Jani) said that this is because once the lungs feel abnormal, the immune system will quickly attack Gianni.

Pulmonary and critical care physicist at University of California School of medicine, clinical assistant professor Dr. Jamie &middot (Jamie Rutland); Rutland said: “ you will usually think (steam smoke) cause lung inflammation. In fact, &ldquo, even if you smoke clear fog without nicotine, this reaction can also occur.

3. electronic cigarette can cause injury

The battery of the electronic cigarette seldom fails, but once it happens, it burns both hands, face and other parts of the body. There was a burn accident last year. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention, for children and adults, or smoke inhalation, ingestion due to direct contact with the skin and eyes of smoke caused by poisoning cases.

4. electronic cigarette “ change flavors to lure young smokers

Department of ENT, Stanford University director of Otolaryngology professor Robert · Dr. Jackler (Robert Jackler) said: “ flavoring industry scale, should be safe to eat, seasoning into the digestive tract, but the reaction of lung seasoning is very different, we know that some of these spices in production workshop, inhalation of the seasoning is very dangerous.

But the health risks are just one of the reasons why Dr Jackler is opposed to the flavor of electronic cigarettes, and he worries about some tobacco industries in order to attract young people. It has been reported that the consumption of electronic cigarettes continues to rise in the past 5 years, and novelty is a major incentive. A study published in 2016 shows that some teenagers believe that fruit flavored electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco flavor. Jackler said: ““ tobacco industry want to lower the age limit of smokers, they know that sweet fruit flavor is a magic weapon to attract young smokers.”. If all the smoke is bitter, it smells disgusting.

The American Association for the preservation of the lungs (ALA) has been paying close attention to the use of electronic cigarettes among young people, and has launched a parade to make federal regulations for other tobacco products also applied to electronic cigarettes. Norman, &middot, Norman, a senior scientific adviser to the lung society, said: ““ we lobbied the food and Drug Administration (FDA) to enact regulations to regulate electronic cigarettes, but only local laws and regulations are doing this in.”.

Australia is urged to encourage the legalization of electronic cigarette sales

Hayden &bull, a professor of public health interventions at Queen’s University in Marie, Robbie, said: ““ for smokers who don’t or can’t quit smoking, the best way is to use steam smoke.” Mike said.

Mike Robbie is the “Cochrane Review” (Cochrane Review) a coauthor of the study, the electronic cigarette, he found that the use of these devices to help people quit smoking, but due to the limited data, evidence is slightly weak.

Mike and Robbie said, “&ldquo, I think Australia is against electronic cigarettes and missed the opportunity to improve public health. Although it is not yet clear about the long-term risks of electronic cigarettes, there is a general consensus that they are safer than cigarettes.

He also pointed out that, unlike secondhand cigarette smoke, secondhand smoke fumes do not pose a health risk to people around them.

After consulting Mike and Robbie, New Zealand’s Ministry of Health decided to legalize the sale of nicotine containing cigarettes from 2018 and supervise them.

Now, Colin Mendelsohn, an associate professor at the school of public health and community medicine at the University of New South Wales, has urged the Australian medical community to follow suit. “ New Zealand follows the scientific evidence to respond to the call of the UK, which is a good thing; now electronic cigarettes have helped about 2000000 smokers quit smoking. “The sooner Australia legalized electronic cigarettes, the more it saved lives,” he said.

American Steam cigarette maker releases the first non heating combustion device in the United States

3T® Organic Rechargeable is the only electronic nicotine delivery system that uses organic ingredients certified by the United states.

South Korea Copied successfully, iQOS heating does not burn into tobacco companies new trend

In May this year, iQOS listed in South Korea, also achieved a similar success, after the listing growth over the same period has surpassed Japan, becoming the fastest growing market in iQOS. It is reported that the release of earnings in the third quarter of October 19th to Philip Morris International Conference, iQOS in South Korea’s market share in a few months reached 2.5%, it proved that the success of a product in Japan is not an exception. Philip Morris International Asian President Martin • Kim will Korea iQOS success to establish in Japan for iQOS concern. Martin • Kim himself will become chief financial officer in January 1st; he claims, “ we believe that more than 50% of Korean adult smokers have now noticed iQOS, even though we have not yet spread it across the country.

tobacco companies beginning of a new era?

The success of iQOS Philip Morris International hit a good business opportunities, the strong sales performance has helped offset part of the traditional cigarette sales decline. So far, the company has invested over $3 billion in the iQOS, the new tobacco products in the lower toxicity of Philip Morris International bet the next bet. The company says it hopes to phase out traditional cigarettes in the next 10 years. Interestingly, compared with electronic cigarettes, iQOS’s experience is more similar to traditional cigarettes. And that’s the point, and the company says he doesn’t want to attract any non smokers, but instead wants to replace traditional cigarettes with traditional cigarettes, such as iQOS, into the traditional cigarette industry.

Other tobacco manufacturers are turning to new tobacco products, too. Although iQOS enjoys considerable market share in this category, the competition is intensifying as global and domestic tobacco companies launch their smokeless products. In June this year, Japan’s tobacco companies launched the Ploom Tech, while South Korea’s KT& G also launched a smoke-free device in September. In China, as the leading maker of electronic cigarettes, China’s tobacco companies is also busy developing its own heating and non burning tobacco products. In Sichuan, they even brought their heating non burning device &ldquo to South Korea for Market Research of potential products.

Will heating non burning tobacco products soon enter China?

At present, China’s tobacco monopoly law has no definite regulation on new tobacco products such as heating, non burning, electronic cigarettes and so on. However, when governments see new tobacco products in Japan and South Korea’s success, their views are also changing, insiders pointed out, “ governments have been concerned about Japan and South Korea, found new tobacco products may reduce smoking rates, and bring public health benefits. New tobacco products currently include electronic cigarette, has aroused strong repercussions in the China, Beijing International Exhibition on electronic cigarette held before the scene lively scene is remarkable.

American electronic cigarette producers plan to sue government regulators

    according to the introduction, the plan to bring a lawsuit in a number of enterprises, Johnson Creek Enterprises electronic liquid smoke manufacturers in the lawsuit played a key role. The company’s chief operating officer Heidi Braun said in an interview with media reporters, their company as early as 9 years ago has been involved in the electronic cigarette industry, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued related legislation in October this year, the company has stopped production operations. He also claims that the company has issued bankruptcy filings under the impact of the agency on the regulation of the electronic cigarette industry. It was in this case that they planned to join other electronic cigarette companies in bringing legal action against the US Food and drug administration.

    in response, the US Food and drug administration responded by pointing out that they would slow down the implementation of relevant regulatory measures to reassess the impact of regulation.

The government of Singapore has no intention to relax its control over electronic cigarettes

    foreign media have been reporting over the past two months that electronic cigarettes help smokers quit smoking. Reuters reported a new study that pointed out that if smokers turn to use electronic cigarettes, the United States can avoid 6 million 600 thousand deaths in ten years.

    Singapore Ministry of health and Interior Ministry of government, Changan Ning · Armin responded to the two reading of Congress on tobacco (advertising and sales control) (Amendment) Bill on Tuesday. The Ministry of health, after consideration, was not convinced by this view.

    he pointed out that Singapore has been approved by people using nicotine inhaler, chewing gum and patches and other nicotine replacement therapy, to help smokers quit smoking.

    he said, ““ although there are some studies that suggest that electronic cigarettes may help people to quit smoking, the limited evidence is neither solid nor clear.”.

    for example, American studies have shown that the possibility of cigarette users becoming cigarette smokers is two times higher than that of non users.

South Korea passed the bill heating combustion device facing tax hike

In addition to the local education tax and value-added tax and other taxes, the current tax on tobacco sticks has increased to 1739 won, but after the new law passed, it will eventually increase to 2990 won. In contrast, the total tax on combustible cigarettes is 3323 won.

The retail price of 20 sets will increase from 4300 won to 5000 won, or 700 won. The bill passed overwhelmingly. Among the 239 legislators, 230 agreed, 1 opposed, and 8 abstained.

At the beginning of 2015, the government greatly increased the intensity of the tax on combustible cigarettes, and then went out of control. Therefore, the government took measures to limit the purchase and stockpiling before the implementation of the latest tax increase measures. The Strategic Finance Department will limit the number of cigarettes that manufacturers can provide in the last 3 months to 110% of the average supply.

Any retailer trying to make a profit may face two years of imprisonment or a 50 million won penalty.

British lawmakers will hold an electronic cigarette survey

Liberal Democrats said: ““ some people think that electronic cigarettes are a useful tool to reduce the number of smokers who smoke traditional cigarettes, but some people think that electronic cigarettes will tempt the younger generation to re feed traditional cigarettes.”. We want to understand the evidence, the impact of regulation, and the gap between the growing industry and the impact of the national health insurance system (NHS) cost and the UK public finances.

This is the first decision this year after the British government introduced electronic cigarettes into the October Stoptober smoking cessation campaign for one month. In spite of this, the national health insurance system has not formally prescribed electronic cigarettes as prescription drugs. The new guidelines for the National Institute of health and excellence (NICE) did not recommend electronic cigarettes as a way to help people quit smoking.

The government party members meeting requirements submitted written evidence related to electronic cigarettes before December 8th.

New York governor signs new regulations on electronic cigarette restrictions

Supporters, including the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Cancer Association, have been lobbying lawmakers and Cuomo to approve the measure, suggesting that the health risks posed by electronic cigarette smoke are similar to those of ordinary cigarettes.

Julie Hart, the cancer action network of the American Cancer Society, said: ““ this is a good step, because electronic smog is not harmless.”. This will help ensure that all workers get clean air.

The new restrictions mark a series of recent measures taken by the state to curb the use of electronic cigarettes, especially among minors. In July, governor Cuomo signed a law banning the use of electronic cigarettes in all public and private schools. Lawmakers in the state have also taken steps to ban the sale of cigarette oil in electronic cigarettes. Including the U.S. electronic cigarette Association, this report has critics attack, that exaggerated the health risks of electronic cigarette.

The U.S. Food and drug administration is trying to keep minors away from electronic cigarettes

    recently, the US Food and Drug Administration launched a series of new public health education activities to the community, to prevent the use of children and adolescents and consumer electronic cigarette products and related products in an effort to stop and steam.

    according to some anti tobacco from the United States Agency statistics show that in 2016 alone, the region of the United States has many junior high school students and senior high school students use and consumption of electronic cigarette products and other similar products smoke steam. They are more detailed survey data show that in 2016, the daily average is about 2500 under the age of 18 minors to try their first cigarette smoking, including these new electronic cigarette products and steam cigarette products.

    for this reason, the US Food and Drug Administration launched the campaign. According to the introduction, the bureau also plans to further introduce new smoking cessation activities for young people in 2018.

UK smoking cessation campaign has increased steam cigarette sales by 37%

A leading retailer in the UK claims that since the national health insurance system (NHS) launched the Stoptober smoking cessation campaign, sales of steam cigarette starter packages have surged by 37% over the previous year.

This year, electronic cigarettes are included in a national health insurance system that helps smokers gradually quit smoking within 28 days, rather than suddenly and completely quit smoking.

Dan Marchant, director of online retailers at the steam cigarette club, said: ““ it’s great to see the national health insurance system finally support the smoking cessation of steam cigarettes.”. The tobacco industry has long supported the steam smoke as an alternative, but the British public health bureau provides evidence that Cancer Research UK’s recognition and action on smoking and health by numbers, there is no doubt that steam is the most effective way to quit smoking.

He also pointed out that the national health insurance system advocates the steam tobacco as a major breakthrough in tobacco alternatives, and will make outstanding contributions to public health and tobacco control in the uk.

The South Korean parliament committee by heating does not burn the tax hike bill

According to “Korea Times” reported that the South Korean parliament committee before the date has passed a bill to raise the heating does not burn (HNB) cigarette tax bill.

Industry sources said that the proposed increase, will make the heating combustion products consumables (such as Philip Morris International and British American Tobacco Heets Neostiks) retail price from 4300 won ($3.78) to 5000 won. The retail price of most combustible cigarettes is 4500 won per package, of which 3223 won is tax revenue.

The National Council on Strategic Finance Committee ago passed the amendment to the tobacco tax. If the upcoming parliament passed the bill, will begin in mid December after the implementation of the tax hike.

Philip Morris International Korea Companies confirmed that the proposed hike will push up the retail price of the Heets, but did not disclose the specific number of rose. British and American Tobacco Korea Companies said that the proposed tax hike will have a huge impact, and British and American Tobacco must consider raising prices. While the new KT & G heat without burning device LiL pricing concerns.

But Kim Dong-yeon, the Minister of strategy and finance, says the probability of rising prices is low. Kim said that Japan’s tax on heating non burning products was 80% of the regular cigarettes, about 460 yen, similar to the price of ordinary cigarettes.

Australian health minister says the ban on electronic cigarettes will not be lifted

Although the Australian Senate investigation of electronic cigarette use, however, the country’s health minister Greg Hunt said recently will not lift the ban on the electronic cigarette, at least not in the term.

Electronic cigarette smoke refers to the heating and a battery device for generating aerosol. It is generally agreed that they are less dangerous than smoking and are often used to stop smoking.

Last year, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) received re adjust the nicotine application, so that you can legally buy smoke. After several months of consultation, the board decided not to make any changes in March.

Therefore, according to the national legislation, Australia still prohibits the commercial use of nicotine in electronic cigarettes. Minister Hunt said that he met the day before the person in charge of the Bureau, and agree with their point of view, there is no strong evidence that the electronic cigarette can help to quit smoking. “ there’s evidence that electronic cigarettes can cause smoking, “he said.

When asked why he made the decision before the Senate investigation results, he said that the parliamentary process is “ a good way to deal with and expose the health declaration related to electronic cigarettes.