Australian media: the harmful effects of mistaken cigarettes on young Australian smokers


    it is reported that the joint research conducted by the Australian Weishi provincial cancer prevention association and &ldquo and Victoria Quit Victoria shows that cigarette smoking has increased dramatically in recent years, especially for young people.

&emsp,   “ Victoria Smoking And Health Survey visited 4000 adult smokers, and 43% of them were 18 to 29 years old. Of the young smokers, nearly half of the people smoked cigarettes.

    the survey also found that smokers who were close to half of the age between 18 and 29 believed that cigarette smoking was less harmful.

    “ Wade, chief of smoking cessation director of Victoria Province (Sarah White), said that cigarettes were more than “ organic or safer beliefs were not right at all, because cigarette smoking and tobacco made by tobacco companies were harmful to human body.

    Wade said nearly half of the cigarette smoked people believe that smoking cigarettes is less harmful than traditional cigarettes, which is enough to be on the alert. Cigarette smoking people assume that cigarette tobacco is more natural and contains no addictive substance, but it is far from the fact.

    she warned that the tobacco companies is not only the same with the traditional cigarettes, smokers addicted material on the cigarette, and even add more.

    Wade said, smoking any tobacco will breathe nicotine, smoke (coke) oil and thousands of other diseases that can cause diseases, and directly enter the lungs and blood system of the inhaler, which will bring harm to the health of the smokers.

&emsp,   Jerril Rechter, chief executive of Victoria health department, said that tobacco merchants smartly dressed cigarettes as more traditional cigarettes, more natural or organic, making them more attractive to young smokers and convinced them to smoke cigarettes more healthily.

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